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International speech contest “Cicero-2019” at the Academy of the MIA of the Republic of Belarus

At the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus on 23-24 may will be the international speech contest “Cicero-2019”.

The contest, the theme of which sounds like “Sport! You are the world!”, dedicated to the II European games and healthy lifestyle of young people.

The creative forum has a wide range of issues:

- sport and society; sport and politics; sport and culture; sport and morality; philosophical aspects of sport;
- sport and money; sport and doping; sport and unsportsmanlike conduct;
- sports idols: real and false;
- healthy lifestyle;
- on the one hand-a healthy lifestyle, and on the other hand - smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction;
- environmental aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

The international competition of oratory "Cicero" has been held since 2001. Since 2006, cadets and students from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, China and other countries participate in it. The aim of the project is to effectively teach young people to make public speeches.

Objectives of the project:

  • acquaintance with rational and effective technology of preparation and utterance of public speeches;
  • formation of special communication skills among young people;
  • training students in art to persuade, professionally defend views in discussions;
  • increase of the general cultural level of communication of youth.

The motto of "Cicero": "It's bad to talk as indecently as not being able to read and write." The jury evaluates the ability to discuss and answer impromptu questions, as well as oratorical personality. Qualifying rounds of the international competition are traditionally held throughout Belarus.

International speech contest