Training Camp of freshman of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Every year in august the Academy of the Ministry of internal affairs conducts a training camp for recruits. Cadets learn the basics of the profession and participate in a sports festival.

The opening of the training camp is scheduled for August 5. Cadets will receive congratulations from the heads of the educational establishment and faculties, representatives of the professor’s and lecturer’s staff, personnel inspection, veteran organization.

Traditionally, the recruits go through the parade field and go to training classes. The first lecture for yesterday's entrants is conducted by the head of the academy, major-general of militia Vladimir Bachila. The training camp lasts for a month and ends with a solemn ceremony of taking the Oath. The cadets of the militia’s educational establishment receive basic knowledge, get familiar with cadet life and their chosen profession. In the educational program - classes in fire, combatant, physical training. Thematic meetings are held. The representatives of Belarusian Republican youth Union to make a speech in front of youth.

An important part of the training camp is a sports festival of freshmen. His program includes running and power relay races, team long jump, tug of war, mini football and volleyball. In the individual competition, athletes perform push-ups in the stop lying and lifting with a coup on the crossbar. Participants of the competition are supported by the most expensive spectators - relatives and close freshmen. After the sports festival, guests remain in the faculty until the evening.