International tournament of intellectual games "Shield and Sword"

The international tournament of intellectual games "Shield and Sword" traditionally involves teams from Belarus and other countries.

The tournament "Shield and Sword" was born in 2005 at the faculty of investigators and experts of the Academy of the Ministry of internal affairs on the initiative of cadets. The forum of intellectuals is held annually with the support of the Belarusian league of intellectual teams.

According to the results of two test games "Erudite-quartet" and "What? Where? When? the best team of the tournament is determined, which receives the winner's cup, as well as the best team among the law enforcement educational establishments, which is awarded with a special cup and certificate. The tournament has been given the status of outgoing to the championships of Belarus and Europe on intellectual games among student teams.

The main militia university of the country on November 23-24, 2019 accepted experts from different regions of Belarus and Russia.