"Our Stars" - creative contest among cadets of the Academy of the MIA

The participants of the creative project are cadets of various faculties of the Academy of the MIA. The competition includes a number of nominations.

In 2019, cadets of the university of militia took part in the creative contest "Our Stars". The organizer of the event is the center of cultural and educational work of the Academy.

The most talented young people representing various courses are invited to participate. The competition is distinguished by genre and thematic diversity and includes nominations: performance of lyrical and prose works, vocals, choreography, creation of multimedia presentations.

The competition will be held October 24, 2019.

Annually, according to the results of the creative competition, the most creative and initiative persons will be determined for further participation in interuniversity and republican competitions and other creative events.

The project got its name thanks to the author’s song by Vladislav Petrachkov, a graduate of our educational institution. He performed it as part of the ensemble of his faculty in the framework of the inter-university competition of poems and musical compositions “Anthem of Alma Mater” of 2018. The jury praised the song about the cherished stars on officer uniforms and awarded the team a victory.