The Olympiad of the Academy of the MIA

The Olympiad of the Academy is a platform for the realization of the intellectual, scientific and creative potential of each participant.

The main distinctive feature of the Olympiad of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is practice-orientedness. Tasks of the Olympiad are coordinated with representatives of practical law enforcement agencies.

The organizers of the event are:

  • The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • The General Department for Combating Economic Crimes;
  • The General Department for Law Enforcement and Prevention;
  • The General Department for Drug Control and Counteracting Trafficking in Human Beings;
  • State Forensic Examination Committee;
  • The Investigative Committee.

From April 1 to April 19 inclusively will be held the group "A" Olympiad. Teams of cadets of 1st-2nd courses are invited to participate.

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To register for the qualifying round, you must fill out the registration form.


Qualifying round - April 12th. All participants from each team need to perform tests for academic disciplines "General Theory of Law", "Constitutional Law" and "Administrative Law". The results of the tests, passed by each participant, are summarized, and the team total is summed up.

The final round (several stages) - from 16 to 19 April.

In the quarterfinal on April 16 will be attended by teams recognized as the best in the qualifying round.

During this stage of the Olympiad, the participants will have to pass the following tasks: solve video problems, solve a crossword puzzle, select associative triads of terms and / or expressions, play a legal situation, take part in the brain-ring, and make a public presentation on the given topic.

Semifinal and final - April 19th.

Four teams will take part in the semifinals, who coped with the quarter final tasks best. They will have to find mistakes in the legal act and translate it into the Belarusian language.

Within the framework of the final two team duels will take place:

  • for the third and fourth places;
  • for the first and second places.

The Olympiad of the Academy