Makarov Pistol Shooting Competitions

In the academy shooting championship was attended by the most trained staff. The winners are course officers and a novice scientist.

At the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs an annual championship in shooting with a Makarov pistol took place. Traditionally, the organizer of the competition was the department of tactical and special training of.

The most accurate turned out to be the head of the course of the front part of the Faculty of Corrections, major of militia Gennady Vlasov. His team won the "bronze", giving way to the squad of Faculty of Investigators, which became the silver medalist of the championship.

The second result in the individual competition was shown by an associate of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Militia Lieutenant Sergey Shamardin. Points earned by him made a significant contribution to the success of the whole team, which eventually won first place.

The third prize-winner was the deputy head of the course of the front part of the Faculty of Militia, militia captain Andrei Golovach.

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