International scientific-practical conference ''Problems of Combating Crime and Training Personnel for Law Enforcement''

Международная научно-практическая конференция «Проблемы борьбы с преступностью и подготовки кадров для правоохранительных органов» Академии МВД Республики Беларусь

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs adheres to the worldwide practice of propagating the results of its scientific activity among the national and international scientific community.

A good tradition was the annual holding in our institution of education of an international scientific and practical conference "Problems of combating crime and training personnel for law enforcement". Leaders and representatives of law enforcement bodies, scientific organizations and educational institutions of Belarus and foreign countries take part in the scientific forum. The conference allows discussing a wide range of issues related to the improvement of legislative regulation and law enforcement practice in the sphere of ensuring the security of the state and society, increasing the effectiveness of training of law enforcement officers. By the beginning of the conference, a collection of abstracts of participants' reports is published.

Thematic articles