Psychological Support of the Personnel of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Психологическое сопровождение деятельности личного состава Академии МВД Республики Беларусь

Psychological work in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is organized in accordance with the Instruction on the organization of ideological work in internal affairs bodies, approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The purpose of psychological support is to increase the effectiveness of teaching and upbringing, to preserve and strengthen the mental health of the permanent and variable personnel of the MVD Academy. This line of activity is implemented by the psychological support department.

Within the framework of the psychological support of the educational process, a set of psychological and pedagogical measures is carried out aimed at increasing the effectiveness of training and educating future law enforcers, taking into account their personal characteristics. Psychologists organize work with cadets, focusing on modern practice in this area and encompassing all stages of psychological adaptation to the conditions of educational and official activities, the formation and training of young employees for independent professional activities.

The help of the psychological support department is aimed at preventing and resolving psychological problems, overcoming crisis situations and their consequences, increasing psychological competence, personal development, self-improvement and self-realization. Psychological support is based on the principles of legality, voluntariness and accessibility of receiving psychological assistance, confidentiality, scientific validity, professionalism of specialists. Psychologists work on psychological education, psychological prevention, psychological counseling, psychological correction, psychological diagnosis.

Counseling is carried out on an anonymous and voluntary basis, with the guarantee of confidentiality of information. The psychologist is responsible for access to information.

Cabinet of psychological relief

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has a specially equipped room for psychologists to conduct individual and group work. The psychological unloading room (psycho-training) is multifunctional and allows you to carry out psycho-correction and rehabilitation measures to overcome crisis situations, individual psychological counseling and correction of personal qualities, emotional states and experiences, psychological studies and trainings, operational computer psychological diagnosis.

Modern interior has to relax and switch attention from everyday emotional stress. The room, equipped in accordance with modern standards, covers various areas of activity of practical psychologists. So, comfort seats provide comfortable body position, and qualitatively selected audio and video sessions of passive neuromuscular relaxation create an opportunity for rest and recovery after short-term and long-term emotional influences and overloads.

In rehabilitation measures, psychophysiological methods based on body-oriented correction are used. Microcomputer chair with three automatic modes - "fatigue", "relaxation" and "pain relief" - allows you to feel the most comfortable and pleasant rest after physical impact in the back, calf muscles and feet. The display panel with additional functions provides a free choice and selection of various personal programs to stimulate activities and relieve emotional stress.

In individual corrective work, art-technologies, metaphorical associative maps, methods of gestalt psychology, etc. are used. The room is universal and allows conducting group psychological diagnostics, special classes and trainings.

The system of preventive measures is based on interactive forms of information submission and is aimed at preventing neuropsychic and psychosomatic health disorders, socio-psychological conflicts, learning difficulties, upbringing, labor and communication.


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