Ideological Work in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Ideological Work in the Academy of the MIA

The ideological work in the institution of education "Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus" is organized in accordance with the Instruction on the organization of ideological work in internal affairs bodies and approved by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of November 30, 2018 No. 333.

The educational work is organized on an ongoing basis in the context of daily service activities and professional training in a differentiated manner with all categories of employees. The main coordinator of this activity is the Department of Ideological Work.


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One of the components of educational work is a civil-patriotic upbringing, which forms the qualities of a patriotic responsible citizen for the fate of a country, that respects the historical past and national traditions. The regular meetings are held with young veterans of the internal affairs agencies, former warriors-internationalists. The Council of Veterans of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes an active part in the organization of educational events. Work is under way to help veterans on Victory Day, Militia Day, the Day of Older Persons, etc. The cadets-chefs attend veterans at their place of residence, help with housework and purchase of food.

State legal education was implemented in celebrations dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, the days of the formation of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and faculties, the entry of cadets into the ranks of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, solemn rituals of taking the Oath and the release of officers, on briefings before joining the service, in the ceremony of raising the National Flag.

Professional education shapes the moral and moral qualities necessary to fulfill the official duty, promotes compliance with legal norms and norms of professional ethics. The main events in this area are ceremonial rituals for the release of officers, bringing the Oath, joining the BRYU, events dedicated to memorable dates, state and professional holidays. Organized solemn delivery of awards and epaulettes. Honored employees and veterans of internal affairs agencies are held.

Spiritual and moral education is realized in the organization of concerts with the participation of professional performers and collectives of amateur performances of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, visiting theaters, museums and thematic exhibitions. Meetings with artists and representatives of religious faiths are held. The work of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this sphere was noted in the Belarusian Orthodox Church - a facsimile copy of the Slutsk Gospel was given to the educational institution.

The family-household upbringing is organized in order to develop the knowledge necessary for the creation and strengthening of family-household relations. The Department of Ideological Work conducts a survey of cadets who have families and bringing up children, examines their views on the level of social and legal protection. The Parents' days are regularly held at the faculties, social and living conditions are studied, cadets are honored in connection with the marriage and the birth of children.

The information and propaganda work is aimed at informing employees about events, events and trends of national and international significance, and activities to ensure national security of Belarus. Representatives of the teaching staff, as well as various state bodies, take part in a single day of informing. Work is constantly carried out on registration of hostels of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and educational classes, updating of thematic expositions and photo galleries. The possibilities of wall printing are actively used.

The sociocultural activities include the organization of concerts dedicated to state and professional holidays. The artists of the Belarusian stage, amateur groups from schools and out-of-school centers, cadets and employees of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who also perform at various city and national events, are laureates of high awards and prizes.

The social and legal activity is aimed at protecting the interests of employees, veterans and cadets, as well as members of their families. Social and legal education is conducted during training sessions, classes on ideological training, on current information and meetings of managers with personnel, during individual conversations. The study of living conditions and official activities is carried out to effectively solve social problems.

The teaching staff and the most trained cadets participate in the activity of the Legal Clinic that provides legal assistance to low-income citizens. Volunteers with legal skills help people at no cost.

Social and cultural work center

Social and cultural work center

Union of Women of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Union of Women of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs